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The Religious Anti-GamerGate


After watching Anita Sarkeesian yesterday on The Colbert Report and following #GamerGate for 2 weeks now, I can only come to one conclusion

The anti-gamergaters are deeply religious.

I say this after being a deeply religious person for much of my teens and early 20’s. The levels of blind belief that their personal word is gospel and that only people who are filled with hate and loathing could possibly disagree with them are astounding. That they are oppressed, even when all evidence points to them being some of the most privileged people in the world, is the kind of thing I’ve only ever seen in the first world christian evangelical community.

People like Jonathan McIntosh push their culture on others, whether they like it or not, because they believe themselves, and that culture, to be superior to what they see in around them, even going so far as perpetuating stereotypes about gamers that haven’t even been remotely true for decades and painting all gamers with the same “white, racist, misogynistic” brush even with ample evidence to the contrary. They have attempted to do the same with atheism

And when someone questions their assumptions and stereotyping, presenting facts that show these assumptions as wrong, they attempt scream people down and brow beat them into submission by calling them terrorists or comparing them to Hitler,  and the “evidence” they point to is some trolls who threaten people, even though both sides have been threatened with violence (including being sent knives, liquid filled syringes and a 16-year-old anti-gamer gater threatening to harm a 7-year-old, even while admitting they can’t link much of the threats to #GamerGate. the hypocrisy is amazing!

This level of staunch belief in their own righteousness, even after being presented with evidence, is one I’ve only ever seen in the religious community.

This leads me to only one conclusion. The anti-gamergaters are in a cult like movement to impose there culture on people, there first stop was atheism, there next stop is gaming.


I am not dead

I never wanted to write.

I never wanted to write about games.

I never wanted to be in the public spotlight.

I find myself in a weird position though.

The current controversy in the gaming world makes me want to do something.  I feel like I have to stand up, and say something. My very core tells me I can’t let this (not so) sleeping dog lie!

People who claim to be “journalist” have acted in ways that seemed suspicious. In fact it’s almost seemed as if they were colluding to protect there privileged positions in our little world.

Some called this behaviour corruption.

I would call this behaviour corruption, and so a little hashtag was born, #gamergate.

The masses had felt betrayed by those who were meant to inform them, to enlighten them, about the happenings in there little gaming world. They felt betrayed by those they trusted, those they looked up to.

I felt betrayed by them, and then my anger rose, it built up, and became deeper, until I could no longer be silent, I could no longer stand by and watch the world burn around me.

And so now I write, despite the fact I may not be good at it, despite the fact I never wanted to.

So now I will speak about the hobby I love so much, I will show people games I love, either old or new, I will speak out against those who declared I was dead. I will show you the breath I still have in my lungs, the blood that pumps in my veins, and I will share my passion for the things I love

If you want to share with me, you are welcome, I will review games and talk about the things I am passionate about.

And the first of these is integrity and ethics in the reporting about the hobby that I love

I am a gamer and AM NOT DEAD.