I am not dead

I never wanted to write.

I never wanted to write about games.

I never wanted to be in the public spotlight.

I find myself in a weird position though.

The current controversy in the gaming world makes me want to do something.  I feel like I have to stand up, and say something. My very core tells me I can’t let this (not so) sleeping dog lie!

People who claim to be “journalist” have acted in ways that seemed suspicious. In fact it’s almost seemed as if they were colluding to protect there privileged positions in our little world.

Some called this behaviour corruption.

I would call this behaviour corruption, and so a little hashtag was born, #gamergate.

The masses had felt betrayed by those who were meant to inform them, to enlighten them, about the happenings in there little gaming world. They felt betrayed by those they trusted, those they looked up to.

I felt betrayed by them, and then my anger rose, it built up, and became deeper, until I could no longer be silent, I could no longer stand by and watch the world burn around me.

And so now I write, despite the fact I may not be good at it, despite the fact I never wanted to.

So now I will speak about the hobby I love so much, I will show people games I love, either old or new, I will speak out against those who declared I was dead. I will show you the breath I still have in my lungs, the blood that pumps in my veins, and I will share my passion for the things I love

If you want to share with me, you are welcome, I will review games and talk about the things I am passionate about.

And the first of these is integrity and ethics in the reporting about the hobby that I love

I am a gamer and AM NOT DEAD.


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